“I will provide industry leading service, support, and professionalism that will allow you to achieve the comfort and confidence needed to make well-informed business decisions.”

Meet Our Founder: Timothy V. Blais

Nova Scotia native Tim Blais is the founder of Gateway Business Brokers. His services have brought value to a wide variety of business buyers and sellers, earning him the reputation as a leading business broker in Nova Scotia and beyond.

Tim’s background in business spans well over 15 years and includes banking, finance, mergers and acquisitions. Prior to becoming a licensed business broker, he was a Senior Relationship Manager for Royal Bank of Canada’s commercial market group. This time at RBC, combined with his own entrepreneurial spirit and activities, has given Tim the knowledge and expertise to work with clients in nearly every industry, including real estate, construction, manufacturing, hospitality, and professional market sectors leading to some $250MM in transaction value for those included.

Hard working, driven, enthusiastic and engaging, Tim loves a challenge, whether putting together a winning deal or finding untracked powder in places most would dare not. His passion for living life to its fullest and doing quality work with significant impact is evident in all he does, and why so many great clients choose to work with Gateway.

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The Gateway 110% Guarantee

There is no greater success than having happy clients; in fact, that’s why we offer the Gateway 110% Guarantee. If we are unable to provide our services to you in a way that completely satisfies your expectations, we will refund any monies you have paid us plus 10% for your time investment with us. This is how we’ve built Gateway Business Brokers to become a leading business brokerage in the markets we serve. Please ask for full details and how our guarantee supports our commitments to you.


Gateway Business Brokers has a singular focus: maximizing business buying and selling opportunities for entrepreneurs in throughout Atlantic Canada and Western Canada. Our success is built on facilitating win/win transactions for the well-qualified buyers and sellers we represent. Our key to success is our proven process designed to deliver outstanding results for both parties in every sales transaction.

Gateway recognizes that buying or selling a business will often be the most significant transaction a family will undertake.  Many of the buyers we work with are moving to a new province, stepping into a completely new way of life. For these reasons, Gateway is often required to support both parties to ensure a successful transition. This balanced, advisory approach is for your benefit of both parties, regardless of which side of the table you are seated.

  • We place a priority on maintaining transparency in the sale and purchase of every business.
  • We honour our duty to hold every transaction in the strictest confidence to protect your privacy and the viability of the sale.
  • Both buyer and seller can expect loyalty and full disclosure from Gateway Business Brokers throughout the transaction.

When you work with our top-of-the-line professionals, rest assured the value you receive from us will always be greater than your investment.


Gateway Business Brokers champions the small- to medium-sized business community throughout the Atlantic Canada region as well as the primary Western Canadian markets. We understand how important it is to be in touch with the day to day happenings in each market we serve and our passion and dedication to hard work ensure we are able to offer the services business buyers and sellers need most.


Our clients trust us not only for our strategic expertise in connecting buyers and sellers, but also for the strategic partnerships we’ve built with trusted legal, accounting, tax and economic experts, along with local trades and service providers. This means you have access to proven expert advice and service needed to make well educated business decisions.  


Gateway Business Brokers doesn’t work with just anyone. Our focus on bringing together profitable businesses with well-qualified buyers gives you peace of mind knowing your financial investment is in the hands of professionals committed to your success. Creating the right match sets everyone up for long term success. 

Community Matters


Helping our clients achieve the greatest success possible requires completing a transaction beneficial to both buyer and seller. To achieve that success, we work exclusively with well-qualified individuals, delve into the unique needs of both parties and develop a strategic plan that will help generate excellent results.


Gateway Business Brokers places a priority on open, frequent and comprehensive communication with our clients. We promise to communicate and confirm expectations in a timely and courteous manner each and every time.