92 Unit Eco-Friendly Limited Service Franchised Hotel - Click for Details

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Located in an economically diverse city, in the heart of its commercial district, this Hotel offers 92 units including:

- 48 Standard Queen Rooms
- 32 Executive King Mini Suites
- 6 Premier Suites
- 3 Jacuzzi Suites
- 1 Manager Suite
- 2 Handicap accessible Suites

The Hotel won the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence in 2015.
In addition to an indoor pool and a fitness centre, the Hotel offers access to a 24-hour business centre and a meeting room, concierge services and complimentary breakfast each morning.

Financial Information


2014 : $3,335,716
2015 : $2,668,155
2016 : $2,142,284
2017 : $2,310,916

NOI for 12 months ending December 31, 2017 = $775k

Minimum Equity Required


Real Estate

2004 construction located on 1.75 Acres, all municipal services.



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