200+ site Campground and Cottages - SOLD

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Nova Scotia


Respected, cared for by campers and owners, and up to date. This RV campground is set for its next chapter. If you're looking for consistent cash flows, let's talk. If you're looking for growth, let's talk. Either way, this park can provide anyone who has envisioned the campground lifestyle with a comforting reality.

We believe the following about this park:
- reputation is one of the strongest in the province, for it's intended customer. Just look at the number of nights of 100% occupancy.
- capital improvement program in recent years is tremendous. Only general repair and maintenance required for many years if you do not wish to grow.
- ability to easily grow business, both revenues and profits, if you wish, given the demand, given the excess land, given the several opportunities.

A full Offering Memorandum with all particulars, financials, areal drone video, and photography covering all aspects is available to qualified buyers who have completed the Non-Disclosure agreement.

Financial Information

Fiscal year end is October 31.

- 2018 - $829k
- 2017 - $750k
- 2016 - $735k
- 2015 - $727k

Let us show you how quick you could grow revenues to $1M or more.

Seller's Discretionary Earnings:
- 2018 - in progress.
- 2017 - $336k
- 2016 - $311k
- 2015 - $322k

Minimum Equity Required


Real Estate

With more than 50 acres of beautiful easy to work with land (sandy / clay), there is much left to work with. The expansion potential is tremendous!

There is a fully updated, 4 bedroom home on property. There is a separate well and septic for the house.

Campground services include:
- 1 well
- 3 septic systems, each with 3 holding tanks. 2 gravity and 1 pump system
- fire and RCMP within 5 minutes

We're confident any inspection will result in favourable findings on all aspects of electrical, plumbing, building, septic, etc.


$1,669,000 (Shares)

Non Disclosure Agreement

I hereby acknowledge that information regarding the following business(es) and/or Seller(s) is being provided to me in SECRECY AND CONFIDENCE and is to be used solely for the purpose of assessing the prospective purchase of the business(es) through Gateway Business Brokers.

I agree not to disclose any of the information given in connection herewith, either directly or indirectly, to third parties, except direct support people; nor will I use, or assist others to use, any such information for competitive trade purposes or to circumvent Gateway Business Brokers in any transaction or contact with the seller(s). I agree not to make copies of any of the material provided and to return all of it if I discontinue interest in the Business. The material and information furnished is believed to be reliable for the purpose of evaluating the Business. Further, I agree that all inquiries, investigations, negotiations, offers to purchase, and/or letters of intent must be made through Gateway Business Brokers. I agree to protect and not disclose the confidentiality of the information I receive permanently, even if I choose not to purchase the said business.

I agree that any breach of this Non-Disclosure Agreement (the "Agreement"), directly or indirectly, will be harmful to the Seller(s) and Gateway Business Brokers. In consideration for the information given, I agree that the laws of Nova Scotia will govern this Agreement and that all actions that may arise in law and/or equity shall be brought in Nova Scotia.

It is understood that this Agreement also applies to any information previously supplied by Gateway Business Brokers, verbally or in writing. I understand that neither the Seller(s), the Business(es), its officers, directors, employees, nor Gateway Business Brokers ,shall have any liability as a result of furnishing me the material included in this Agreement.

This agreement also acknowledges that the undersigned Buyer(s) has (have) been advised that Gateway Business Brokers provides Client representation for the seller(s) and Customer representation for the buyer(s) in this transaction, as per the terms that have or will be provided. I agree that should I buy, lease or come into possession of the Business, in whole or part, during the listing term or within 1 year from the expiry date of the listing term, Gateway Business Brokers’ right to a fee, as per Gateway Business Brokers’ agreement with the Seller(s), will be deemed earned. I understand I will be personally liable for payment of any applicable fees, as so reasonably determined, if I breach any clause of this agreement. It is agreed, however, that if a purchase is completed with the assistance available from Gateway Business Brokers, I am not liable for a fee.

Non-Disclosure Agreement